Chromebook just got a boost.

Based on ARM’s technology, the new Google Chromebook OP sets the standard in notebook performance for today’s mobile lifestyle. Targeting prosumers, ARM wanted a separate site to educate and promote “What is OP” to the market. Working with multiple partners the site needed to reflect brand components while ensuring all audiences could easily understand how and where to find what they needed. Go to Site


Focus on mobile lifestyle.

Consumers are demanding more of their devices, including sharing experiences and creating original content. Using lifestyle imagery helps tell the story in a friendly manner making information easy to find and understand.

Icons that bring life to specs.

Using icons helps to create a quick read and find specific information. The icons were developed to connect the audience to the technology while being brand right.

Real people. Real applications.

Today’s consumers demand more – more media, rich graphics and better applications. Showcasing everyday life highlights the multitude of capabilities the OP Chromebook provides.

Video enhances our story.

Seeing is believing. Adding a 3D video shows the notebooks flexibility and slim design form factor. Having the ability to see it at every angle provides the user a true experience.